What is theKYC process?

What is the KYC process?

KYC, or know your customer, is a third party ID checking process that allows all Filecoin Plus applicants to have their identification verified and associated with their GitHub handle when publicly submitting their DataCap application.

By verifying identity, applicants demonstrate an additional layer of trust on their application, which helps notaries in their review process.

  • This is a required check for E-Fil+ applicants
  • This check is optional (but still helpful) for all other Fil+ applicants

The following are additional considerations that pertain to KYC on filplus.storage

  • The KYC check process is completed by a third party company, Togggle
  • During the data collection phase, all personal information gathered is securely AES-GCM-256 encrypted using the individual user’s personal key
  • All data is confidential and inaccessible, even to Togggle
  • Additionally, an applicant's personal information will never appear on GitHub applications, only the kyc verified label will show to signify a successful check was completed
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